Can You Get Public Liability Insurance for One Day?


In today's dynamic world, there are moments when professionals or businesses may require insurance coverage for a short duration - sometimes even just for a single day.

One such type of insurance that people often inquire about is public liability insurance for one day. Let's dive into understanding what it is, whether you can obtain it, and how much it might cost.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability insurance is designed to protect businesses and professionals from claims made by members of the public due to injury or property damage that has resulted from the business operations or actions of the professional.

For example, if a customer slips and falls in your art gallery, or if a piece of equipment you're using at a one-off event malfunctions and injures someone, then public liability insurance can cover the compensation claims and legal fees.

Can You Get Public Liability Insurance for Just One Day?

The simple answer is, yes. One-day public liability insurance is often sought by professionals or businesses that have temporary or short-term engagements, like hosting a single-day event, participating in a trade show or conducting a workshop.

It ensures that they're protected for that specific day without having to invest in a longer-term policy.

This short-term coverage can be especially useful for:

  • Event organisers hosting concerts, exhibitions, or festivals.
  • Tradespeople or craftsmen showcasing their work in a pop-up stall.
  • Photographers or videographers hired for a single-day shoot at a specific location.

How Much is Public Liability Insurance for One Day?

The cost of one-day public liability insurance can vary based on several factors:

Nature of the Event or Activity

High-risk events or activities, like hosting a concert with pyrotechnics, might have a higher premium than, say, a simple craft workshop.


Holding an event in a place known for its high rental or property values might mean a higher premium.

Expected footfall

The more people you expect, the higher the potential risk – so you can expect a higher premium.

Coverage amount

The amount you choose to be insured for can also affect the price. For example, coverage for £1 million will typically cost less than coverage for £5 million.

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Why Do You Need One-Day Public Liability Insurance?

It's all about risk management. Even if you're only operating or hosting an event for one day, accidents can happen.

By securing one-day public liability insurance, you ensure that unexpected mishaps won't lead to substantial financial burdens. Whether it's potential property damage or unforeseen injuries, this insurance can be your safety net.

Whether you're an artist showcasing your creations at a local fair, a musician performing at a one-day festival or a professional conducting a workshop, it's always wise to consider the potential risks and protect yourself accordingly. One-day public liability insurance offers a flexible and cost-effective way to do just that.

Before your next event or short-term project, take the time to explore this option and ensure you're safeguarded against unexpected challenges.

Written by

Luke Glassford

Marketing Director

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