Freelancer Spotlight: Adam Toth – Photographer

Freelancer Spotlight

As part of our ongoing ‘Freelancer Spotlight’ series that highlights and showcases creative professionals, we speak to London-based photographer Adam Toth.

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About Adam

Adam Toth is a London-based photographer with a passion for capturing the personality behind the professional. He specialises in corporate event photography and headshots that project confidence, warmth and the unique spark that each person brings to their work.

Adam's mission is to help people feel comfortable in front of the camera and reveal their true potential.

Adam's inspiration

Adam shared what inspired him to become a freelancer:

“I love capturing the energy and stories in people's expressions, and I love creating connection through my work. Freelancing enables me to transform my passion into a career on my own terms – and that's what keeps me inspired.”

When he's not behind the lens, you might find Adam working on his "Another Reason to Smile!" project – a playful reminder that even professionals should never take themselves too seriously: Another Reason to Smile.

Adam Toth - photographer

Who is Adam’s dream client?

When asked about his dream client, Adam said:

"I thrive when working with clients who bring enthusiasm and positive energy to their photo sessions. It’s rewarding to collaborate with someone who values high-quality service and is equally invested in creating great photos. This mutual respect and shared excitement make the entire process enjoyable and the outcomes more fulfilling."

Adam’s advice for aspiring freelancers

Adam also offered advice to others who want to become freelancers:

"Freelancing is definitely an adventure! It gives you a lot of freedom, but you also end up being your own boss, accountant and marketing department all rolled into one. Be ready for both the good days and the tough ones. But, if you love what you do and have the drive to make it work, the rewards are definitely worth it."

Adam’s proudest achievement

Adam is most proud of the impact his work has on his clients:

“The best part is helping my clients feel good about themselves, seeing their face light up when they love their photos, capturing images they're excited to share and use. It's fulfilling to see someone's confidence grow because of the images we create together.”

What does Adam enjoy most about freelancing?

Adam shares what he enjoys most about being self-employed:

"Being self-employed offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards. I love the flexibility to explore new creative opportunities and build meaningful relationships with diverse clients. This freedom to direct my own path keeps me excited about the future and committed to my craft."

See Adam's work and follow him

Adam invites everyone to view his portfolio and connect with him on social media:

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If you are a self-employed creative and would like to feature in a future ‘Freelancer Spotlight’, get in touch with us here.

Written by

Luke Glassford

Marketing Director

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