Freelancer Spotlight: Catherine France – Insurance Copywriter

Freelancer Spotlight

As part of our ongoing ‘Freelancer Spotlight’ series that highlights and showcases creative professionals, we speak to Catherine France, an exceptional Insurance Copywriter who helps busy insurance executives create consistent content that attracts and converts dream clients.

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About Catherine

Catherine assists insurance brokers in becoming visible, standing out and staying relevant to their audience.

She helps them communicate what they do to the people who will benefit from it through blog posts, articles and social media content.

With her expertise, Catherine ensures that her clients' messages are clear, engaging and impactful.

Catherine's Inspiration

Catherine shared with us what inspired her to become a freelancer:

"I spent 20 years in commercial insurance, being self-employed wasn't really on my radar but through a set of circumstances I became a self-employed consultant. It was then that I realised there was a lack of information about the insurance small business owners need - so I started writing about it.

"This was picked up by my former colleagues and I was asked to write for brokers and insurers. I knew there was a way I could help insurance businesses create better content, get visible and build their brand. It was a happy accident!"

Catherine France

Enjoyment of Freelancing

Catherine also shared what she enjoys most about being self-employed:

"I love the variety in my work, I have a range of clients and collaborations - some are one-off projects and others involve delivering a longer-term marketing strategy.

"The topics I cover for clients also keep things interesting and varied. Being self-employed also means I can work around my family which is a privilege."

Catherine is passionate about promoting insurance more effectively to the wider world. She believes that independent insurance brokers can use marketing strategies to compete more effectively with larger firms. Her goal is to help these ambitious brokers self-promote with confidence and ease so their content is seen everywhere.

Catherine's Proudest Achievement

In terms of her work as a freelance writer, Catherine is most proud of being able to help clients find new ways to tell their story:

"I feel most proud of helping clients find their voice and tell their stories in a compelling way.

"This is still insurance and it's easy for content to become dry, full of jargon and disconnected from the people it needs to resonate with. I enjoy listening to my clients, understanding their approach and proposition, and then crafting copy that communicates it in a clear, engaging, and human way.

“When a client reads the copy I've written for them and says 'Wow, that really captures who we are and what we're all about' it's incredibly satisfying. I also feel a sense of pride when my copy moves the dial for clients - driving more inbound leads, increasing conversions, or elevating their profile and achieving real business results."

Find out more about Catherine

To learn more about Catherine's services visit her website or connect with her on LinkedIn:

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If you are a self-employed creative and would like to feature in a future ‘Freelancer Spotlight’, get in touch with us here.

Written by

Luke Glassford

Marketing Director

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