Freelancer Spotlight: Sam Norton – Videographer and Winner of our ‘Launch’ Competition

Freelancer Spotlight

This week our Freelancer Spotlight shines on Sam Norton, a dynamic freelance filmmaker and videographer who was the winner of our recent Launch competition.

Our Freelancer Spotlight series is designed to help promote the great work that creative freelancers do and provide a platform for them to share their insights and experiences in the sector.

If you are a self-employed creative and would like to feature in a future ‘Freelancer Spotlight’, get in touch with us here.

About Sam Norton

Sam Norton has made a significant mark in the videography field with his creative and engaging content. With over five years of full-time experience behind him before venturing into freelancing, Sam has developed a unique style that perfectly blends innovation with client needs. His work spans a variety of industries, bringing stories to life through his lens.

Sam's Journey into Freelancing

Sam shared his motivation for becoming a freelancer:

"After working full-time for five years and gaining substantial experience in the field, it made sense to make the jump into freelancing. I was inspired by the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects, and I haven't looked back since!"

Sam Norton videographer

Dream Client

When asked about his dream client, Sam's enthusiasm is clear:

"I would love to work with a company like Red Bull. Their content is not only highly engaging but also allows for a great deal of creative freedom, particularly in the editing process."

Advice for Aspiring Freelancers

Sam offers straightforward advice for those looking to dive into freelancing:

"Keep a sense of structure and routine! It’s crucial for maintaining balance and ensuring productivity."

Proudest Work Moments

Sam reflects on his proudest achievements as a freelance videographer and filmmaker:

"The moments I feel most proud are when someone expresses genuine enjoyment from watching one of my videos, or when a client tells me the work exceeded their expectations."

Enjoying Freelance Life

For Sam, the best part of being self-employed is undoubtedly the freedom it offers. This allows him to choose projects that excite him and manage his schedule in a way that balances professional and personal life.

Explore Sam's Work

Here are some links to Sam’s exceptional work, showcasing his versatility and skill in filmmaking:

  • Celebrating The Blades - History and Legacy Watch on Vimeo
  • HM Coastguard Aviation: Adaptability and Flexibility Watch on Vimeo
  • How to Drive a BMW M5 Competition on track part 4: Brands Hatch Watch on YouTube
  • How to discover and plan great new cycling routes with Garmin Connect and Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Watch on YouTube
  • Porsche 911 GT3 vs 911 Turbo S track battle Watch on YouTube


If you are a self-employed creative and would like to feature in a future ‘Freelancer Spotlight’, get in touch with us here.

Written by

Luke Glassford

Marketing Director

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