How Much Is Public Liability Insurance for the Self-Employed?


Setting out on the road of self-employment is both thrilling and demanding. It offers unparalleled freedom and the sheer joy of crafting one's destiny.

However, it's also a path filled with responsibilities, one of which is ensuring adequate protection against unforeseen risks. Public Liability insurance is one of the most popular forms of insurance for self-employed creatives, but what exactly is it, who needs it and how much does it cost?

Decoding Public Liability Insurance for the Self-Employed

Public liability insurance can act as a shield for self-employed professionals. It protects against potential claims arising from third parties, such as clients or the general public, due to any injury or damage linked to your business activities.

For example, imagine a freelance photographer setting up a shoot in a public park. A passerby trips over a piece of equipment and suffers an injury. Public liability insurance can cover the subsequent legal and compensation costs if a claim is made against you.

How Much Does Public Liability Insurance Cost?

The amount you pay for public liability insurance depends on a variety of factors, such as:

Nature of your work

The type of profession plays a pivotal role. For instance, a graphic designer who works remotely might have a different premium than a sculptor with a public studio or a photographer who works predominantly outdoors and on location.

Cover amount

As a rule of thumb, higher cover limits tend to translate to higher premiums. It's therefore vital to evaluate how much coverage your business might need.

Business location

If you work in a bustling urban area, the insurance cost might differ than if you were in a quiet suburban locality.

Claims history

Prior claims can colour an insurer's perception of your business, possibly leading to an elevated premium.

Additional coverage

Tailored clauses or specific coverage additions can also lead to higher premiums.

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance if I am Self-Employed?

For the self-employed, Public Liability insurance isn't always a requirement, but it's often a matter of prudence as it can offer protection against risks associated with:

Client interactions

Professionals having direct client interactions or those exposed to the public should give this insurance serious consideration. For instance, an independent musician performing at local venues or a painter organising public exhibitions.

Varied workspaces

Those operating in multiple locations, especially client premises or public areas, face heightened risk scenarios.

Contractual requirements

Some clients or event spaces might list Public Liability insurance as a pre-condition for collaboration.

Benefits of Public Liability Insurance for the Self-Employed

Although it’s not a legal requirement, a Public Liability insurance policy is still recommended for self-employed creative workers as it can offer a lot of benefits, such as:

Peace of mind

Such insurance serves as a financial safety net, ensuring you can focus on your passion without constant worry about potential legal claims.

Professional image

Having insurance often signals professionalism, showing clients and partners that you take responsibility seriously.

Financial prudence

In the absence of coverage, a single sizable claim could jeopardise your business's financial health.

Written by

Luke Glassford

Marketing Director

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