What Insurance Does a Makeup Artist Need?


The world of makeup artistry is vibrant, transformative and deeply personal. Makeup artists have the power to enhance natural beauty, create dramatic looks and instil confidence in their clients. But along with the glitz and glamour come responsibilities and risks.

If you're a budding artist or an established name in the industry, you might wonder what insurance you might need as a makeup artist.

Below we break down some of the more common forms of insurance that makeup artists should consider.

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Public Liability Insurance

What it is: This type of insurance covers claims made against you if someone gets injured or their property gets damaged while you're providing your services.

Why makeup artists might need it: Picture this: You're setting up at a client's location and someone trips over your makeup kit. Or maybe a client has an allergic reaction to a product you've used. Public liability insurance can help cover any compensation or legal costs arising from such incidents.

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Equipment Insurance

What it is: It covers the cost of repairing or replacing your makeup tools and equipment if they get lost, damaged or stolen.

Why makeup artists might need it: From brushes and palettes to high-end products, makeup artists often invest a lot in the tools of their trade. Protecting these assets is vital to ensure that you can continue to deliver your services without interruption.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

What it is: This insurance protects against claims from clients who might believe they've suffered a loss due to the makeup services you've provided.

Why makeup artists might need it: In the unlikely event that a client is unhappy with your services and decides to take legal action, claiming the makeup application caused them distress or affected their professional image, professional indemnity insurance can cover the potential legal fees and compensation payments.

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Employers' Liability Insurance

What it is: If you employ assistants or other staff, this insurance covers claims from employees who may suffer harm due to their work with you.

Why makeup artists might need it: If you have an assistant who gets injured while helping at a makeup session, they could make a claim. Whether it's a minor injury from a dropped tool or something more serious, employers' liability insurance protects you against potential compensation and legal fees.

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Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance?

As you work closely with clients and use a variety of products, there's always some level of risk involved with being a makeup artist. So, although only employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement, it is advisable for makeup artists to get other forms of insurance to provide peace of mind.

Insurance can act as a safety net, ensuring that if things don't go as planned, you're financially covered.

How Much Does Makeup Artist Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance for makeup artists can vary depending on several factors including the amount of coverage you need, your business size and the specific services you offer.

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As a makeup artist, your primary focus is on creating beauty and making your clients feel special. But ensuring that your business and interests are protected is equally important.

Investing in the right insurance provides peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: transforming and enhancing beauty.

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