Artists Insurance

Insurance to protect your creations and the spaces where you work, whether in a studio or exhibiting in a gallery.

Artists Insurance

Insurance to protect your creations and the spaces where you work, whether in a studio or exhibiting in a gallery.

Flexible insurance cover for artists of all types

As an artist, your studio is both a sanctuary and a workspace, while your creations are extensions of yourself. While your primary focus is on creating memorable art, potential risks - from damaged artworks to studio accidents - can lurk in the background.

Insurance for artists can provide cover so these unforeseen challenges don't get in the way of your creativity.

Discover the different types of cover available for artists below.

Public Liability Insurance


What it covers

Protection against claims made by visitors or third parties for injuries or property damage in your studio or exhibition space.

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Why artists might need it

Whether it's a visitor tripping over in your studio or accidental damage caused during an exhibition, Public Liability insurance makes sure you’re covered for any compensation claims made against you.

Professional Indemnity Insurance


What it covers

Offers protection against claims of negligence, errors or omissions in the services or artworks you provide.

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Why artists might need it

Your art can be open to interpretation, but sometimes misunderstandings or dissatisfaction can lead to claims. This cover can protect your reputation as well as your finances.

Employers' Liability Insurance


What it covers

Protection against claims from your employees related to injuries or illnesses sustained while working with you.

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Why artists might need it

If you have an assistant or a team, the studio environment means accidents can happen. Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have employees and can provide cover in the event of a claim made against you.

Equipment Insurance


What it covers

Protection for your art tools and important equipment – from brushes and sculpting tools to laptops and hired-in equipment – against theft, damage or loss.

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Why artists might need it

Your tools are an essential investment, with theft, loss or damage having the potential to seriously disrupt your creative process. Get covered to continue creating without interruption.

Why Choose Mode Insurance?

The world of art is a blend of passion, vision and dedication.

At Mode Insurance, we understand the unique challenges and pressures of bringing your imagination to life. With our tailored policies, every brush stroke, every sculpture and every exhibit can be covered.

With Mode Insurance, you're not just getting cover - you're gaining a partner who understands your passion for artistic creation.

Insurance to suit you


Up to £50k equipment cover

Insure the tools of your trade, as well as hired-in equipment.

Project-by-project Public Liability insurance

Get PLI for £84 a year or choose a shorter term to suit you.


Be covered for contract disputes

Protect your reputation with Professional Indemnity insurance.

Public Liability Insurance For Artists

While the primary focus for you as an artist is on creation and expression, the potential for unexpected accidents is ever-present. Whether it's a spilled paint pot on a visitor's clothing or an accidental trip over a sculpture, Public Liability insurance can offer protection in the event of a claim being made against you.

Public Liability insurance can protect artists against claims made by visitors or third parties for injuries or property damage that might occur in your studio, workshop or during exhibitions.

Whether you're showcasing your work in a gallery, hosting an open studio event or setting up at an art fair, this coverage can shield you from potential financial repercussions following an accident.

Artist Insurance For Exhibitions

Art exhibitions are a vital platform for artists to showcase their creations to an audience. Amid the extensive organisation and preparation for such events, accidents or mishaps on the day can be disruptive and financially burdensome.

Our tailored policies offer a range of protections to mitigate these risks, including coverage for Public Liability claims. Our primary protections encompass:

  • Public Liability - This covers incidents of accidental injury to the public or damage to third-party property at your exhibition.
  • Employers’ Liability - This includes legal liability for any claims from employees, volunteers, or temporary staff for injuries incurred during your event.
  • Equipment Insurance - This protection covers accidental damage, theft, or loss of any event equipment for which you are legally responsible throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Types Of Artist We Cover

We can provide cover for a range of different artists, such as:

  • Actors and performers
  • Painters
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Sculptors
  • Animators
  • Ceramic Artist
  • Textile Artists & Workshops in Textile Artistry
  • Community Artists, including Workshops
  • Fine Artist
  • Silhouette Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • And much more…

Choose your cover and start your quote now


Public Liability insurance from £84 a year for £1m cover

Or choose your own cover limit of £2m, £3m or £5m.


Up to £50k all-risk technical and portable equipment cover

Covered in the UK & EU as standard or increase cover to worldwide.


Professional Indemnity - be covered for contract disputes

Protect your reputation with Professional Indemnity insurance with either a £100,000 or £250,000 limit.


Up to £50k cover for equipment that doesn’t leave your property

Protect the contents of your business and other technical equipment that doesn’t leave your property.


Employers’ Liability cover for up to 3 PAYE employees

Our Employers’ Liability cover provides £10,000,000 of cover.

Artist Insurance FAQs

Below we have listed the most common questions we get from our customers about insurance for artists.

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Why should I get a quote from Mode Insurance?

Our coverage is flexible and can be adjusted to suit periods of intense project work or times when you're between projects. Additionally, our policies are specifically designed for the creative industry and are suited to a wide range of professions.

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Can I adjust my insurance coverage as my professional needs change?

Absolutely! We understand that the life of a creative freelancer is ever-changing. That’s why our insurance plans are designed to be as flexible as your career. You can choose from short-term options for specific projects or opt for longer-term coverage. Adjustments can be made to suit your current professional situation, whether you're scaling up your operations or downsizing.

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Do I need Public Liability insurance?

Whether you need Public Liability insurance depends on the nature of your business. It's not a legal requirement, but it's particularly important if your business activities involve interaction with clients, customers or members of the public. This could be as simple as working from a coffee shop, all the way to working in a large stadium or event space.

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How much Public Liability insurance cover do I need?

The amount of coverage you need depends on your business type, size and the specific risks involved. Typically, businesses opt for cover ranging from £1 million to £5 million, but it's best to assess your individual business needs.

You may find a minimum coverage amount specified in a contract that you are looking to secure as many other businesses, venues or local authorities will stipulate the amount of Public Liability insurance you need.

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Is Public Liability insurance a legal requirement?

No, Public Liability insurance is not a legal requirement for most businesses in the UK. However, it can be important due to the financial protection it offers against claims from the public.

You may also find that Public Liability insurance is required by some clients, suppliers and partners before you work with them.

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What is the difference between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance?

Public Liability insurance covers injury or damage to third parties and their property, while Professional Indemnity insurance protects against claims of professional negligence or poor advice.

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Can I get Public Liability insurance for one day?

Yes, one day Public Liability insurance is becoming increasingly popular and most businesses can obtain cover specifically for one day. This is ideal for short-term events like workshops, pop-up shops or a shoot you are organising.

This is great for budgeting and charging your clients as you know exactly how much the insurance has cost for the specific job.

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Which type of creative freelancers need Equipment Insurance?

If your work requires the use of expensive specialist equipment, such as Photography Equipment, Film Equipment, laptops microphones and more, then Equipment Insurance can help provide peace of mind that you can repair or replace any of your important work tools if they are stolen, lost or accidentally damaged.

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How much Equipment Insurance cover do I need?

This will depend on the value of your equipment and how much it would cost to replace it all if it were stolen, lost or accidentally damaged.

We can provide up to £50k of Equipment Insurance to cover all of your vital work gear.

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What equipment is covered?

The policy covers the equipment you need to keep your business up and running that you take away from the premises.

Some examples of equipment that can be covered are:

  • Communication tools, such as desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets
  • Essential work equipment, such as graphic tablets and hairdressing equipment
  • Photography equipment, such as including cameras, lighting, and staging equipment
  • Accessories, such as lenses, lighting rigs, etc.
  • Cameras and ancillary equipment
  • PA, sound and lighting equipment
  • Portable electrical equipment
  • Mechanical effects equipment
  • Grip equipment
  • Props, sets and wardrobes
  • Makeup and prosthetics
  • Editing and recording equipment
  • Video and broadcast equipment
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Who needs Professional Indemnity insurance?

Creative professionals who provide advice, consultancy work or work under a contract with a client can consider Professional Indemnity insurance.

This includes, but is not limited to, graphic designers, photographers and marketing consultants.

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How much does Professional Indemnity insurance cost?

The cost of Professional Indemnity insurance varies based on factors like your profession, the level of risk and the amount of coverage needed.

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How much Professional Indemnity insurance do I need?

The amount of cover required depends on your business size, the clients you work with, the types of contracts you work under and the potential risks involved in your services. It's a good idea to assess the maximum claim you could face and choose a limit that can comfortably cover this.

With Mode Insurance you can choose a Professional Indemnity insurance cover limit of either £100,000 or £250,000, depending on your needs and requirements.

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Do I need Employers’ Liability insurance?

If you employ anyone, even on a casual or part-time basis, the law typically requires you to have Employers' Liability insurance. This means that you have at least the minimum cover if an employed person makes a claim against you.

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What does Employers’ Liability insurance cover?

Employers’ liability insurance can provide cover for:

  • Compensation if an employee claims for injury or illness caused while working for you.
  • Fees for your legal representation at any coroner’s inquest of fatal accident inquiry and proceedings in any court of summary jurisdiction arising out of any alleged breach of statutory duty.
  • The claimants’ legal costs for which you are legally liable.