Insurance for Hired In Film and Media Equipment – Everything You Need To Know


When you’re gearing up for a new film project you have a lot to consider – from creative aspects like the script, storyboards and casting decisions, to practical details such as the locations and the equipment you need.

When speaking with filmmakers and videographers, we regularly find that there is one critical aspect of the process that is often left to the last minute – making sure they have insurance in place for any filming, recording and media equipment they have hired in for their project.

If your hired equipment is damaged, stolen or lost it could disrupt your production and lead to significant financial losses. To help you avoid this, we have explained everything you need to know about getting insurance for hired-in equipment below.

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What is Film Equipment Insurance?

Equipment insurance is designed to cover the repair or replacement costs of your professional tools and equipment in the event of theft, loss or accidental damage.

As a creative freelancer or filmmaker, it can help protect your investment from unforeseen incidents that can occur both on and off set.

Film equipment insurance can offer financial protection not just for cameras and lenses, but for a wide range of production kit including lighting and sounding equipment.

With policies that can be tailored to the scale and scope of your project – whether it’s a one day shoot or a lengthy production, having the right insurance in place means you are equipped to handle challenges without them derailing your project or draining your budget.

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What does Film Equipment Insurance Cover?

Film equipment insurance can offer a range of cover to make sure your hired filmmaking gear is protected.

Here’s a breakdown of the main types of protection you can get:

Accidental Damage

This can cover the cost of repairs or replacements if your hired equipment is damaged due to an accident during shooting or even while in transit.


Given the high value of some forms of film equipment, theft can be a big risk. Film equipment insurance can mean you, or the hire company, can be compensated if the hired equipment is stolen – whether from a locked vehicle, studio or when on location.

This can also include scenarios when equipment is taken under force or burgled from a secure environment.


Sometimes equipment can get lost during the hectic nature of film productions. Cover for loss helps mitigate the financial impact if hired items go missing without evidence of theft.

As well as these main cover types, there are also some additional covers available, including:

Fire and Water Damage

If your hired equipment is damaged by fire or suffers water damage, this insurance can cover repair or replacement costs.

Worldwide Cover

For productions that shoot in multiple countries, worldwide cover ensures that your hired equipment is insured no matter where you are filming.

Continued Hire Charges

If rented equipment is lost or damaged and you are liable for ongoing rental fees, this cover can handle those extra costs until the issue is resolved.

This cover can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your production, allowing you to add or adjust cover options based on the potential risks associated with your filming locations and the nature of the equipment used.

Do I Need Specialist Hired-In Equipment Insurance?

When you’re using equipment that you've hired for a film or media project, regular business equipment insurance might not cover all your specific needs. It is therefore important to consider a specialised form of insurance tailored for hired-in equipment.

When you hire equipment, you’re responsible for it from the moment you take possession until you return it. Specialised hired-in equipment insurance ensures you're covered for any damage or loss during this period, something regular business equipment insurance might not fully cover.

Specialist insurance can include additional protections, such as cover for continued hire charges. This is important if an incident prevents you from returning the equipment on time, leading to additional rental fees.

While general business equipment insurance might seem sufficient, hired-in equipment often requires more specific cover.

Whether your project is short-term or long-term, choosing specialised insurance for hired-in equipment ensures that both the legal and financial risks are well-managed, allowing you to focus on your production without worry.

When thinking about insurance, consider the scale of your project and how long you are hiring equipment for. The longer your project runs, the higher the risk of something happening.

For more on this, see our Short Film Insurance page.

As a freelancer or filmmaker, it is important that you carefully assess your specific needs and risks when hiring equipment for your projects.

All productions are unique, and having the right insurance cover in place can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a financial disaster.

Film equipment insurance not only protects you and your project, it can provide peace of mind so you can continue creating with confidence.

Any views or opinions expressed above are for guidance only and are expressed in generic terms. They are not intended as a substitute for readers taking appropriate professional advice relevant to individual circumstances.

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Richa Patel

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