Insurance for Styled Home Studios Creators

Specialist business insurance for Creators using the Styled Home Studios platform.

Get temporary or annual Public Liability insurance to cover your project or shoot now with Mode Insurance.

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Insurance for Styled Home Studios Creators

Specialist insurance for Creators using the Styled Home Studios platform.

Get temporary or annual Public Liability insurance to cover your project or shoot now with Mode Insurance.

Styled Home Studios

All Creators must confirm that they have the required minimum Public Liability insurance of £1,000,000 to book a space via Styled Home Studios.

As the approved insurance partner of Styled Home Studios, Mode Insurance offers short-term Public Liability cover for however many days you need it for – from one day up to 180 days.

You can also buy an annual policy so you have continuous cover for your filming projects and photo shoots.

We also offer a choice of cover limits, so you can get the minimum requirement of £1m cover, or choose to increase it to £2m, £3m of £5m to suit your needs.

  • Short term insurance for Public Liability or Equipment insurance
  • Cover starting from £56 + IPT
  • Choose your length of cover - from 1 day to 180 days, or annual
  • Instant cover, buy now and receive your insurance documents immediately
  • Equipment insurance cover up to £50,000
  • Peace of mind that you have the correct insurance and the minimum level of cover required by Styled Home Studio
Helen Holt - Co-Founder and Director, Styled Home Studios

Helen Holt
Co-Founder & Director, Styled Home Studios

Mode Insurance is the perfect fit for our boutique location platform.

They really understand the industry and their expertly tailored cover provides immediate protection for freelance creative professionals working on location. Being able to recommend them to our Creators is piece of mind for them, us and our home owners.

Equipment Insurance

As well as making sure you have the right amount of Public Liability insurance in place, Mode Insurance can also provide Equipment insurance so you can protect your important work equipment against loss, theft and accidental damage.

Our business equipment insurance can cover:

  • Technical Equipment - cameras, laptops, graphic tablets, sound equipment and more.
  • Musical Instruments - from guitars to keyboards, drums to violins.
  • Specialised Tools - specific tools for crafts like sculpting, painting or woodworking.
  • Portable Gear - equipment you take on-the-go, from location shoots to client meetings.

This includes the following equipment used in connection with the business which belongs to you or for which you are legally responsible:

  • Communication tools, such as desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets
  • Essential work equipment, such as graphic tablets and hairdressing equipment
  • Photography equipment, such as including cameras, lighting, and staging equipment
  • Accessories, such as lenses, lighting rigs, etc.
  • Cameras and ancillary equipment
  • PA, sound and lighting equipment
  • Portable electrical equipment
  • Mechanical effects equipment
  • Grip equipment
  • Props, sets and wardrobes
  • Makeup and prosthetics
  • Editing and recording equipment
  • Video and broadcast equipment


Below we have listed the most common questions we are asked by Styled Home Studios Creators. If you have a question that is not covered below, please get in touch with us here.

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What does Public Liability insurance cover?

Public Liability insurance can cover compensation costs and defence fees should a third party make a claim against you for accidentally causing injury to them or damaging their property in the course of your work activities.

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Is the kind of insurance I need included in my general business insurance?

Not always, so it is worth checking with your current insurance company first. If you do not have the sufficient level of Public Liability insurance in place, you can buy it quickly from Mode Insurance either on an annual or short-term  basis for the length of the shoot.

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Does everyone on the crew need their own insurance?

Everyone who is working on the property is required to have at least £1 million of Public Liability insurance – so if they are self-employed or work for another business and are not covered by your policy then they will need a policy of their own.

The type of policy you have and how you have hired each person can impact if they are covered under your policy.

The question is, do you want to insure each individual freelancer on your policy when they are their own professional and business? The answer for many is “no”, because if they do something wrong then it is your policy that is impacted and claimed against.

We recommend that each individual freelancer should buy their own insurance. This can often be a stipulation in your own policy when working with subcontractors and freelancers.