What Insurance Do Photographers Need?


As a photographer it’s your job to capture moments, tells stories and preserves memories. However, like any profession, it comes with its own set of risks.

Whether you're photographing a couple's special day, capturing breathtaking landscapes or shooting for magazines, having the right insurance can offer peace of mind and protection. But what insurance do photographers really need?

Below we break down all of the types of insurance photographers can choose to protect themselves and their business.

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Public Liability Insurance

What it is: Public liability insurance covers claims made against you for injuries or damage to property resulting from your photography work.

Why photographers might need it: If someone trips over your tripod at a shoot or if you accidentally damage a venue while setting up, public liability insurance can cover the compensation and legal fees.

Due to the various venues and environments photographers work in, it's advisable to have this coverage.

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Equipment Insurance

What it is: This insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your photography equipment if it is damaged, stolen or lost.

Why photographers might need it: Cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and other gear can be costly. Equipment insurance ensures you won't face significant setbacks if your equipment gets damaged during transit or stolen from a shoot location.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

What it is: It protects against claims from clients who believe they've suffered a loss due to the services you provided.

Why photographers might need it: Imagine a situation where a client isn't satisfied with the wedding photos or claims a significant moment was missed. Such scenarios can lead to disputes and potential legal battles.

Professional indemnity insurance can cover the legal costs and potential compensation payments if a claim is brought against you.

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Employers' Liability Insurance

What it is: If you employ people, this insurance covers claims from your employees who've suffered harm due to their work with you.

Why photographers might need it: Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have employees, as you need a minimum level of cover in case an employee makes a claim against you for an injury or illness they suffer due to their work.

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Product Liability Insurance

What it is: Covers claims made against you if a product you sold or supplied causes harm or damage.

Why photographers might need it: If you're selling physical products like photo prints, frames or even camera accessories, there's a slim chance they might cause harm (e.g., a frame might have a defect that causes injury).

This insurance offers a safety net against claims related to the products you sell.

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Being a photographer is about more than just taking great pictures. It's also about ensuring your business, reputation and finances are safeguarded. An accident could have a major impact on your business, so understanding your insurance needs is crucial.

With Mode Insurance, you can tailor your coverage to fit the unique demands of your photography business, allowing you to focus on capturing the world through your lens.

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Luke Glassford

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